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The Institut de Biologie Structurale is a research centre in INTEGRATED STRUCTURALE BIOLOGY, a field essential to understand fundamental biological processes and to pave the way for applications in human health and biotechnology. The IBS provides access to high-tech instruments and cutting-edge know-how for structural biology studies through a number of technical platforms and expertise that are open to industry.


The Institut de Biologie Structurale offers expertise in the following areas :

  • State-of-the-art protein structure determination techniques (Xray Crystallography, NMR, Electron Microscopy)
  • Advanced production and biochemical characterization of soluble and membrane proteins
  • Analysis of macromolecular interactions, structure and dynamics of macromolecular complexes

The technical infrastructure and expertise of the IBS offers companies the opportunity to advance their R&D efforts through services or through scientific collaborations.


Our long experience in working with industrial partners allows us to ensure a rapid response time in preparing contracts, full confidentiality, and the timely delivery of milestones.
For more details about our services, our patent portfolio, facilities or collaborations, please read the information below.

Service platforms

The IBS has access to high-performance, internationally competitive facilities in physical and chemical biology for studying the structure and function of biological macromolecules. Located in Grenoble’s scientific research park, the IBS enjoys privileged access to two large-scale instruments operated by European institutes: the ILL high-flux neutron reactor and the ESRF synchrotron.
Access to service platforms

A healthy relationship with industry

  • Collaborative contracts with pharmaceutical companies, start-ups and biotech suppliers
  • Spin-off companies (PX Therapeutics, NatX-ray, NMR-Bio)
  • Start-up incubation
  • Services in analytical biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology
  • Reagent and hardware supply
  • Technical and scientific consulting
  • Patents related to human health and biotechnology

Available types of partnership

A partnership with the IBS can take the form of a research collaboration, a service contract or a material transfer agreement. Long term collaborations can involve support of research positions such as post-docs, Ph.D students, etc. Contracts and confidentiality agreements are provided by our legal staff on a timely basis.


To access technical platforms, please phone or send an email to the contact person of the platform of interest (see Platforms) or to the scientist concerned (see Groups).

To inquire about collaborations, please send an email to this address

Past & present customers

Our previous and current customers include :