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Bacterial Pathogenesis Group

Directed by : Andrea Dessen , Ph.D. (CNRS Senior researcher) (BR)

Charles-Louis de Saulses de Freycinet Prize 2015
Medal, French Academy of Sciences


The Bacterial Pathogenesis group has a main laboratory in France (IBS Grenoble) and, since 2012, an ’antenna’ in Brazil (LNBio Campinas). This organization is supported by the CNRS, the CEA, and the University of Grenoble in the form of a ’Laboratoire International Associé’, and is supported by the São Paulo Foundation for Scientific Research (FAPESP). More information about the group in Campinas can be found through the links below :

in French :

in English :

Research topics

Our group is interested in studying mechanisms employed by bacteria to initiate infection by tackling a number of different systems :

- The bacterial cell wall : macromolecular complexes and antibiotic development targets
- secreted and surface-associated virulence factors
- bacterial secretion systems : architecture and toxin secretion

Grenoble Team

Permanent members :
- Alexandre Dos Santos Martins (CEA Technician) (PT)
- Carlos Contreras-Martel, Ph.D. (CNRS Staff scientist) (CL)
- Pauline Macheboeuf, Ph.D. (CNRS Staff scientist) (FR)

Post-doctoral scientists :
- Mayara Mayele Miyachiro (BR)

Ph.D. students :
- Quentin Bertrand (FR)
- Fernanda Rodrigues Da Costa (BR)
- Jean-Mathieu Desveaux (FR)

Trainees :
- Sarah Bonhomme (FR)

Campinas Team

Permanent members :
- Daniel Trindade, Ph.D. (BR)

Post-doctoral scientists :

Ph.D. students :
- Yuri Rafael da Silva (BR)
- Paulo Vinicius da Mata Madeira (BR)

Specialized techniques

We employ techniques ranging from molecular biology (site directed mutagenesis, polycistronic gene expression) and classical biochemistry (expression/purification of recombinant proteins, chemical cross-linking, enzymatic analyses) to X-ray crystallography in order to correlate the structure of a protein, protein-ligand or a multi-protein complex to its function either within the cell or during the infectious process.


Bacterial infection, crystallography, macromolecular machineries.

Ph.D. theses

A list of Ph.Ds. in the BP group can be found here here.

Key publications

The complete list of the group publications since 2000 is available here.


The Bacterial Pathogenesis Group is searching for a Ph.D. candidate for a potential fellowship. The project involves the study of bacterial virulence factors and the search for novel small molecule inhibitors of infection. Please contact with CV and lists of grades from L3, M1, and M2 courses.