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Group presentation

Group leader: Franck FIESCHI

The group is mainly focused on the molecular investigation of membrane proteins related to pathogen fitness, pathogen-host interactions and immune response. For this, we notably develop new strategies and expertise in membrane protein biochemistry and biophysics. The group is composed of two teams with complementary skills, expertise in membrane protein biochemistry, and biophysics.
- Membrane and Immunity Team (F. Fieschi): MIT.
- Structure and Stability of Integral Membrane Proteins and Phage Assemblies (C. Breyton): SSIMPA.

Research themes:
- Neutrophilic NADPH oxidase complex.
- C-type lectin receptors of dendritic cells.
- Mechanism of phage infection.
- New surfactants for the in vitro study of membrane proteins.
- Structural study of membrane proteins related to virulence and pathogenicity.

Specialized techniques:
- Biochemistry of membrane and soluble proteins.
- Cell free protein expression.
- Automation in protein purification.
- Surface plasmon resonance.
- Fluorescence.
- Analytical ultracentrifugation.
- Size exclusion chromatography/light scattering.
- Small angle X-Rays and neutrons scattering.

Available services:
- Analytical ultracentrifugation (platform AUC).
- Size exclusion chromatography/light scattering (platform PAOL).
- Automated platform for membrane protein purification (platform MP3).

Team members:

Recent Publications

Sutkeviciute I, Thépaut M, Sattin S, Berzi A, McGeagh J, Grudinin S, Weiser J, Le Roy A, Reina JJ, Rojo J, Clerici M, Bernardi A, Ebel C, Fieschi F
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Flayhan A, Vellieux FM, Lurz R, Maury O, Contreras-Martel C, Girard E, Boulanger P, Breyton C
Crystal structure of pb9, the distal tail protein of bacteriophage T5: a conserved structural motif among all siphophages.
J Virol (2014) 88: 220-8

Thépaut M, Guzzi C, Sutkeviciute I, Sattin S, Ribeiro-Viana R, Varga N, Chabrol E, Rojo J, Bernardi A, Angulo J, Nieto PM, Fieschi F
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J Am Chem Soc (2013) 135: 2518-35

Breyton C, Flayhan A, Gabel F, Lethier M, Durand G, Boulanger P, Chami M, Ebel C
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J Biol Chem (2013) 288: 30763–72

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