Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

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Nury’s lab

Our team aims to better understand how membrane machines operate at the molecular scale, using structural biology. We mainly work with ion channels, and especially with pentameric neurotransmitter-gated channels.

Our projects mix state-of-the-art eukaryotic expression systems, solid biochemistry, biophysical characterization with two structural methods: X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM.

Our research is curiosity-driven, but focuses on membrane proteins that play crucial roles in health and disease. For example, current projects are related to nausea, depression and infertility.

If you consider to work with us, get in contact with Hugues: hugues[dot]nury[at]ibs[dot]fr
Applications from scientists who like their job with passion and do it with rigour, at any career stage, will be considered with care. At the moment we rather look at profiles with knowledge of data treatment in either crystallography or EM and some inclination to computing.

Current team
Lucie Peclinovska (PhD student, started in October 2014)
Orso Subrini (Postdoc, started in November 2014)
Jonathan Perrot (Research engineer, started in December 2015)
Hugues Nury (CNRS researcher, since 2013)

Sonja Minniberger (never-ending Master student, 2014-2015), now PhD student in the Plested lab in Berlin

CNRS, CEA, UGA, Marie Curie actions (CIG 631416), ERC (Starting Grant PentaBrain)