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AFM team presentation

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Team leader: Jean-Luc Pellequer (CEA Researcher)

Team members:

- Jean-Marie Teulon (CEA Engineer)
- Jean-Luc Pellequer (CEA Researcher) ORCID iD


The activity of Molecular Recognition and Interaction Laboratory from Marcoule moved to the Institut de Biologie Structurale at Grenoble in January 2015. The team includes a researcher and an engineer from CEA.
The AFM team aims at developping analyses techniques in atomic force microscopy (AFM) in three major axes: high-resolution imaging, dynamic force spectroscopy and cellular biomechanics. The team is developping a new approach in integrated structural biology that helps in reconstructing large macromolecular complexes using their individual parts. More specifically, one goal is to build the human prothrombinase complex. In the near future, the team aims at developping nanobiomechanics on cells, including impact on nanotoxicology and cancer cells.

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- Atomic Force Microscopy, Dynamic Force Spectroscopy, Nanomechanics, Image processing, Nanoparticle metrology, AFM-based structure reconstruction, Comparative modeling.

Team Instruments

- Multimode 8, Nanoscope V (Bruker)
- Dimension 3100, Nanoscope V (Bruker)
Instruments associated to microscopes :
- Microscope fluo, Nikon Eclipse TE2000
- UV/Ozone lamp

Major publications