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  • Balzergue C, Dartevelle T, Godon C, Laugier E, Meisrimler C, Teulon JM, Creff A, Bissler M, Brouchoud C, Hagège A, Müller J, Chiarenza S, Javot H, Becuwe-Linka N, David P, Péret B, Delannoy E, Thibaud MC, Armangaud J, Abel S, Pellequer JL, Nussaume L and Desnos T (2017) Low phosphate activates STOP1-ALMT1 to rapidly inhibit root cell elongation. Nat. Commun. 8 : 15300.

Publications 2006-2014 (LIRM/Marcoule)

  • Lin C, Chinnappan R, Acharya K, Pellequer J-L and Jankowiak R (2011) On stabilization of a neutral aromatic ligand by p-cation interactions in monoclonal antibodies. Biophys. Chem. 154 : 35-40. (Reprint)

Publications 2001-2005 (SBTN, Marcoule)

Publications 1995-2001 (TSRI, La Jolla)

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Publications 1993-1995 (Columbia University, New York)

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Publications 1991-1993 (IBMC, Strasbourg)

- [bleu]Pellequer JL[/bleu] and Van Regenmortel MHV (1993) Affinity of monoclonal antibodies to large multivalent antigens : influence of steric hindrance on antibody affinity constants calculated from Scatchard plots. Mol. Immunol. 30 : 955-958. (Reprint)

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