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The FIP team

Group leader : Jean-Luc Ferrer

The FIP team includes two closely linked activities :
- This team, has built the beamline FIP-BM30A at the ESRF and is now in charge of its daily operation, maintenance and development. Technical characteristics of FIP are describe here.
- The « research » activity validates the instrumental and methodological developments made on FIP. This team has also a research activity in structural biology. Most of the projects are related to human health with a more pronounced interest in drugable targets.

Reseach topics

Group leader : Jean-Luc Ferrer

Instrumentation development :
- sample changer (CATS)
- robot as goniometer (G-ROB)
- Crystals in situ analysis
- automation of crystal fishing
- crystal flash freezing
- crystallization optimization by exploration of the phase diagram

Structural biology :
- HIV protease drug resistant mutants
- enzymes from the MEP pathway for the biosynthesis of isoprenoids
- replication control by CDK8
- netrin-1 and the APP receptor
- plant enzymes involved in amino acids biosynthesis

Key words

Synchrotron - Automation/robotics – crystallization – crystallography – Structure determination - drug design

Specialized techniques

Crystal in situ analysis – X-ray Crystallography – Protein engineering/purification - In silico docking

Available services

FIP-BM30A is accessible to French and European academic users and also to industrial users (about 200 users per year). For more informations see here

Major publications

Borel, F., Marzocca, F., Delcros, J.G., Rama, N., Mehlen, P., Ferrer, J.-L. (2017). Molecular Characterization of Netrin-1 and APP Receptor Binding : New Leads to Block the Progression of Senile Plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 488, 466-470

Borel, F., Barbier, E., Krasutsky, S., Janthawornpong, K., Chaignon, P., Dale, C. Poulter, Ferrer, J.-L., Seemann, M. (2017). Further insight into crystal structures of E. coli IspH/LytB in complex with two potent inhibitors of the MEP pathway : a starting point for rational design of new antimicrobials. ChemBioChem 18, 2137-2144

Junius, N., Oksanen, E., Terrien, M., Berzin, C., Ferrer, J.-L., Budayova-Spano, M. (2016). A crystallization apparatus for temperature-controlled flow-cell dialysis with real-time visualization. Applied Crystallography 49(3), 806-813.

Borel F, Hachi I, Palencia A, Gaillard M-C, Ferrer J-L (2014). Crystal Structure of mouse Mu-crystallin complexed with NADPH and the T3 thyroid hormon. FEBS Journal 281 : 1598-1612.

Oksanen E, Blakeley MP, El-Hajji M, Ryde U, Budayova-Spano M (2014). The Neutron Structure of Urate Oxidase Resolves a Long-Standing Mechanistic Conundrum and Reveals Unexpected Changes in Protonation. PloS One 9 : e86651.

Schild F, Kieffer-Jaquinod S, Palencia A, Cobessi D, Sarret G, Zubieta C, Jourdain A, Dumas R, Forge V, Testemale D, Bourguignon J, Hugouvieux V (2014). Biochemical and biophysical characterization of the Selenium binding and reducing site in Arabidopsis thaliana homologue to mammals Selenium Binding Protein 1. JBC 289(46) : 31765-3176.

The list of all the publications of the group is available here.