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RELOAD (version 1.0) is a program developped to extract precise long-range distance restraints from Methyl NOESY spectra using the Full-Matrix-Relaxation analysis (Sounier et al. submitted). The program is written in Python and requires numarray library.

RELOAD works on UNIX/Linux operating system.
The program has been compiled for the following platforms :

  • PC Linux running Fedora.core 4 or 5 .
  • PC Linux running with other distribution with Python


If any results obtained with the RELOAD program are published, whatever the means of publication, particularly in the scientific literature, the program should be referenced in the following way:

High-Accuracy Distance Measurement Between Remote Methyls in Specifically Protonated Proteins of Macromolecular Rotational Diffusion from Heteronuclear. Sounier R, Blanchard L, Wu ZR and Boisbouvier J. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2007) 129:472-473


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