Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

Meetings and workshops

2nd Annual day dedicated to Ion Channels - October 04, 2018 - Grenoble

The 2nd scientific day dedicated to ion channels aims to bring together the Grenoble community studying these membrane proteins in order to stimulate exchanges and discussions. This event covers various aspects such as bioengineering of channels, structure-function studies, pharmacology, physiopathological roles...

In addition to 6 speakers (including 3 IBS researchers: Christophe Moreau, Hugues Nury and Beatrice Schaack), slots are reserved for spontaneous applications. Thanks to people who would like to present their activity in connection with ion channels to send an email with the title of the topo to A. Bouron (BIG/LCBM), organizer of this day (alexandre.bouron(at)

Location: Entry seminar room, CEA - 17 rue des Martyrs - Grenoble (no need for a badge)

1st Workshop on Advanced Diffraction Techniques for Biology - 05-09 November 2018 - EPN campus, Grenoble

It is our pleasure to announce the first workshop on Advanced Diffraction Techniques for Biology in the EPN campus at Grenoble, France.
The course will cover X-rays, neutrons and electrons diffraction by crystals of biological macromolecules. Various techniques will be investigated:
• Macromolecular crystal growth
In situ (in plate) X-ray diffraction
• Serial X-ray crystallography
• Time resolved X-ray crystallography
• Neutron diffraction
• Electron diffraction of nano-crystals
with the aim of solving de novo structures, searching ligands, elucidating reaction mechanisms...
This 1-week course will combine theoretical lectures and practicals on ESRF beamlines and other EPN instruments. It is dedicated to researchers (advanced PhD, PostDoc, Scientist) interested in macromolecular structural studies at atomic resolution using crystallographic approaches.
The course will take place from November 05 to November 09, 2018 at the EPN campus, Grenoble, France. To apply, please, send a short CV (1 page max.) and a motivation letter to before September 15, 2018.
The registration is free and includes accommodation and meals on the EPN campus. Selected applicants will be notified by e-mail on September 30, 2018. Participants will have to pay for their travel expenses. More details about the workshop can be found on the dedicated web site.

How cryo Electron Microscopy meets chemical structure - Paris - November 14-15th, 2018

This meeting will be an opportunity to review the progress of cryoEM and its role in understanding the complexity of life. This scientific day will feature a series of lectures by international leaders in the field and younger researchers.
Oral and poster presentations, selected from abstracts, are planned. The abstract submission form is to be downloaded and returned completed, from the registration site. The deadline for abstract submission is 31 October 2018. All papers (oral and poster) will be in English.

The symposium organized by ITMO Molecular and Structural Bases of Life (BMSV) of the Aviesan Alliance entitled "How cryo Electron Microscopy meets chemical structure". Guy Schoehn (IBS/MEM) is a member of the Scientific Committee and Hugues Lortat-Jacob (IBS/SAGAG) and Hugues Nury (IBS/MEMBRANE) will give lectures.

Workshop on the reconstitution of membrane proteins into liposomes and nanodiscs - November 20 & 21, 2018 - IBS

In the frame of GDR3696 - ProMemMoCe Membrane Proteins, the IBS, the Institut Curie and the IBPC are organizing a workshop on the reconstitution of membrane proteins into liposomes and nanodiscs. The workshop will take place at IBS (Grenoble), from Tuesday November 20, 2pm till Thursday November 22 around 5pm.
Registration is limited to a dozen participants and priority is given to young researchers (pre-docs, docs, postdocs,...) whose research is in line with the workshop program.
Accommodation and catering costs will be covered by the GdR, transport costs will be covered by the laboratories. Interested persons are invited to contact Martin Picard (martin.picard(at) before October 19, specifying their host laboratory and, in a few lines, the themes they are developing.
Organizing Committee: Aline Le Roy (IBS, Grenoble), Cécile Breyton (IBS, Grenoble), Manuela Dezi (Sorbonne University, IMPMC, Institut Curie), Hager Souabni (IBPC, Paris), Dhenesh Puvanendran (IBPC, Paris), Martin Picard (IBPC, Paris).

Dans le cadre du GDR3696 – ProMemMoCe Protéines Membranaires, l’IBS, l’Insitut Curie et l’IBPC organisent un atelier relatif à la reconstitution de protéines membranaires en liposomes et nanodisques. L’atelier, qui se déroulera à l’IBS (Grenoble), commencera le mardi 20 novembre 2018 à 14h et finira le jeudi 22 novembre 2018 vers 17h.
Les inscriptions seront limitées à une douzaine de participants et nous privilégierons les jeunes chercheurs (pré-docs,docs, postdocs, …) dont les recherches sont en ligne avec le programme de l’atelier.
Les frais d’hébergement et de restauration seront pris en charge par le GdR, seuls les frais de transport restent à la charge des laboratoires. Les personnes intéressées sont invitées à contacter Martin Picard (martin.picard(at) avant le 19 octobre en précisant leur laboratoire d’accueil et, en quelques lignes, les thématiques qu’elles développent.
Comité d’organisation : Aline Le Roy (IBS, Grenoble), Cécile Breyton (IBS, Grenoble), Manuela Dezi (Sorbonne Université, IMPMC, Institut Curie), Hager Souabni (IBPC, Paris), Dhenesh Puvanendran (IBPC, Paris), Martin Picard (IBPC, Paris).