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Seminars, thesis defenses and courses

IBS seminars

There are weekly seminars at the IBS (on Fridays at 11 a.m.).

In addition, a series of conferences on recent advances and applications in structural biology are organized on Thursdays at 2 p.m. at the CIBB building, which are particularly interesting for students.

Visitors to EPN Campus must be registered for a visit prior to arrival and will be asked to report in at the site entrance on arrival with a proof of identification (e.g. passport, ID card). For registration, please send this form at least 48h in advance to Odile Cavoret.

You can find the next seminars bellow.

• Lecture Series Recent Advances and Applications in Structural Biology - October 11, 3pm - CIBB

Opportunities for using X-ray free electron lasers in structural biology

by Martin Weik (IBS/Dynamics and kinetics of molecular processes Group)
CIBB Seminar Room

• IBS seminar, October 12, 11am (external speaker)

Quantitative label-free super resolution microscopy by ptychography and Fourier ptychography

by Julio Cesar Da Silva (ESRF Grenoble)
Hosted by Leandro Estrozi (IBS/MEM)

• Lecture Series Recent Advances and Applications in Structural Biology - October 18, 2pm - CIBB

Neutrons for the study of biological systems

by Trevor Forsyth (ILL)
CIBB Seminar Room

• IBS seminar, October 19, 11am (internal speaker)

Continuité géochimique et remplacement des catalyseurs et cofacteurs dans l’émergence et l’évolution de la vie

by Juan Fontecilla-Camps (IBS/Metalloproteins group)

• Lecture Series Recent Advances and Applications in Structural Biology - Thursday October 25, 2pm - CIBB

The resolution revolution in electron microscopy

by Guy Schoehn (IBS/Methods and Electron Microscopy group)
CIBB Seminar Room

Thesis defense or Habilitation to Supervise Research

• Thesis defense, Thursday October 18, 2018

Etude de la morphogénèse et de la division chez Streptococcus pneumoniae par microscopie de localisation de molécule unique

by Christopher Arthaud (IBS/Pneumococcus group)

IBS previous seminars

List of the previous seminars, available here.


Other seminars

Other regular seminars are organised on the ’polygone scientifique’:
- EMBL seminars
- ESRF seminars
- ILL seminars
- PSB seminars

Other seminars in the Grenoble area can be consulted here (in french only).