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2018-2019 Thesis proposals

The IBS hosts on average 30 PhD students who are either selected via national Doctoral Schools and International PhD programs (CEA) or financed by external grants from ANR, EU2020 and private foundations.

CEA funding

The CEA offers students high-level doctoral training and IBS’s laboratories participate in this program. The CEA valids subjects and laboratories propositions in January, then candidates are interviewed by laboratories from February to May. The funding allocations are made in June after the final assessment by the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy.
A diverse array of research topics is available and encompasses the following domains : environmental sciences and host-pathogen interactions, structural biology and biophysics and technologies for health and medicine.
The IBS thesis subjects eligible for funding or cofinancing by the CEA for the academic year 2018-2019 are published on this webpage (click on the titles, then on the small english flag to get the detailled description in english).

Ministerial and Regional Funding

Ministerial and regional funding of PhD fellowships is also possible via the Doctoral Schools of the Université Grenoble Alpes. The IBS is affiliated with the School of Physics and the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences.

Details of IBS thesis projects for 2018-2019 are available on the Doctoral Schools’ websites:
- Doctoral School in Physics : Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble (subjects are available here)
- Doctoral School in Chemistry and Life Sciences : Ecole Doctorale de Chimie et Sciences du Vivant (EDCSV) (subjects soon available in the english version of their website, on ’Applying for a doctoral contract/proposal subjects of thesis’

External grants

The IBS groups welcome thesis students in the context of different fundings, such as ANR funding or European funding (Marie Curie network, ERC, etc..).

  • Details

    A PhD position funded by an ERC Grant is open to applications in the Channels group for a starting date in October 2018. The project aims at developing G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) and ion channel-based biosensors for integration in nano-electronic systems. Please send a CV and references to christophe.moreau[a] with the reference ERC_PhD2018