Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France


Adrien Favier (IBS/NMR) is the recipient, with his colleagues, of the CNRS collective cristal medal 2019 for his involvement in the very high field nuclear magnetic resonance infrastructure (IR-RMN-THC), as operational manager of the Grenoble platform.
Adrien Favier (IBS/NMR) and 6 other operational managers of the national network of flagship NMR facilities providing High-Resolution and High-Field capabilities, as well as the administrative and financial manager, are recipients of the CNRS collective cristal medal 2019. This prize distinguishes research support teams that have carried out projects whose technicity, collective dimension, applications, innovation and outreach are particularly remarkable. This structure brings together 7 recognized NMR research centres (including the IBS) equipped with very high magnetic field spectrometers (11 instruments, from 750 to 1000 MHz proton frequency). For more than 10 years, this entity has been providing the French and European scientific community with access to its instruments as well as high-level technical and scientific expertise and support.
In Grenoble, Adrien Favier is operational manager of the IBS NMR platform, which operates six very high magnetic field spectrometers (600 MHz to 950 MHz proton frequency).

Paoletti Prize 2019 for Sigrid Milles (IBS/FDP)
On the 30st of Octobre, Sigrid Milles received the Paoletti Prize 2019 for her work on intrinsically disordered proteins studied by single molecule fluorescence and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This award is presented in memory of Claude Paoletti, former chief scientist of the CNRS Life Sciences Department who took many initiatives to support young researchers.

ERC Advanced Grant 2019 for Martin Blackledge
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded an "Advanced Grant" to Martin Blackledge, group leader of the Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS - CEA/CNRS/UGA mixed research unit), for his project on the atomic resolution description of highly dynamic molecular assemblies and their role in viral replication (details).