2022 Science Festival

During the 2022 edition, the IBS proposed actions towards an school public (CM2 and high school students) and opened its doors, for the first time since 2019, for workshops in its laboratories.

Workshops, aimed at high school students, were designed to help them discover NMR, protein crystallography and microbiology. The students were able to carry out a quality control by NMR spectrometer and compare Coca-Cola with other molecules. They discovered crystallogenesis and were introduced to crystal fishing and discovered diffraction and 3D visualization. Finally, they went in search of a bacterial strain that killed a lung disease patient, to better understand virulence and antibiotic resistance.

Distant high schools were not forgotten: they could attend videoconferences on professions in research.130 high school students from Bonneville, Saint Marcellin, Albertville and Annecy were able to question a researcher and a doctoral student from the Institute.

Finally, our volunteers went to three schools in Grenoble and Saint Egrève to lead workshops on fluorescent proteins and banana DNA, which delighted nearly 150 children aged 10 year old.

More than 20 volunteers were involved in these actions which reached 340 students, we thank them for that!