Science Fair 2014

Now settled into a new building, IBS scientists resumed their participation in the Science Fair, which took place from 26 September to 19 October 2014. On this occasion guided tours for general public and workshops for CM2 classes were proposed.

On October 02 and 03, a hundred pupils were invited to participate in one of three workshops (short experiments involving proteins and DNA) dedicated for primary schools.

On October 18, two visits were organized on EPN Campus. A guided tour entitled "At the heart of the living molecules" was organized in the IBS building by scientists from IBS, EMBL, UVHCI and ESRF They animated three workshops about NMR, microbiology and crystallography. Inside a marquee at the entry of the campus, crystallography activities were also put on for people of all ages. Visitors were also welcomed elsewhere on the EPN campus, at the ESRF and the ILL.

Atelier RMN/ NMR workshop
Atelier microbiologie/ Microbiology workshop
Peche aux cristaux à l’atelier Cristallographie / Crystallography workshop

In total about 40 volonteers were involved on both events to share the great pleasure of discovery with 250 people.