The influence of the Institute is also reflected by its weekly seminars that involve internal and external speakers and the organization of meetings and workshops. Browse upcoming agenda below.

  • 27 Feb

    Next meetings Grenoble

    This one month course, coordinated by the Université Grenoble Alpes, is designed to provide training for students, postdoctoral and senior scientists from European and non-European universities (...)
  • 27 Mar

    Next meetings Autrans

    The “48H of GRAL” offers the opportunity to strengthen interactions within the GRAL community (Grenoble Alliance for Integrated Structural Cell Biology), who was selected for funding as a (...)
  • 7 Apr

    Next seminars Salle des séminaire IBS

    by Yung-Sing Wong (Département de Pharmacochimie Moléculaire, Grenoble) This conference will tell you the major steps in the evolution of Click chemistry, from its conception twenty years ago to (...)
  • 9 May

    Next meetings IBS seminar room

    The Microscopic Imaging of Complex Assemblies Group (IBS/MICA) is part of the Innovative Training Network (ITN) GLYTUNES funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme and dedicated to the (...)
  • 1 Jun

    Next meetings Oléron (France)

    This school, organized by RéNaFoBIS (Réseau National de Formation en Biologie Structurale Intégrative), aims at providing training for graduate students in the field of Integrative Structural (...)
  • 5 Jun

    Next meetings IBS & CERMAV (Grenoble)

    The 2023 edition of the Structural Glycosciences Summer School will be held from 5 to 7 of June at IBS on EPN campus and at CERMAV on UGA campus. The Summer School is co-organized by the (...)
  • 6 Jul

    Next meetings EPN Campus, Grenoble, France

    The fourth edition of the PSB biennial Symposium will focus on " Dynamics in Structural Biology”, and the aim of this meeting is to illustrate how big biological questions can be resolved in (...)