GRAL 48h – March 14th and 15th – Autrans

This meeting is open to all GRAL scientists (iRTSV, IBS, UVHCI/EMBL and their Grenoble partners) within the limit of 150 participants. The meeting will consist of short talks and poster presentations concerning the major research themes of the Labex, as well as keynote lectures by three invited speakers.
 This 2-day meeting represents the ideal opportunity to showcase your research, to network with GRAL scientists, and to initiate new collaborations. The Pre-Program has 10 time-slots available for “General presentations on Integrated Structural and Cell Biology”.
 During the meeting we will also organize 2 contests dedicated to the GRAL PhDs and young Post-Docs (less than 3 years after thesis), with prizes awarded for the best Poster and best short (5 min) presentation. More details about the contests here.
 A “speed dating party Structure vs. Cell” will be organized during the evening.
The idea is to favor discussion between people working on structure and people working on cells with the final scope of fostering new collaborations. More details on the organization should be communicated soon.
Participants are expected to attend the meeting throughout the entire 2 days!
For any further information, please contact: / +33 4 38 78 08 66 / +33 6 98 13 31 30

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