XVth Rhône Alpes NMR meeting

June 13, IBS-Grenoble

This year, the NMR Biomolecular laboratory at IBS is organizing the XVth Rhône Alpes NMR meeting which took place on Friday 13th of June at IBS-Grenoble. The aim of this scientific event was to promote contacts among local NMR actors. It was a good opportunity for our students and post-docs to present their results either as oral contributions or posters.

The two invited speakers of this year meeting (JRA 2014) were Christian Bonhomme (Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée UPMC - Paris) and Sebastian Hiller (Biozentrum Universität Basel - Switzerland). The remaining scientific program was established on the basis of submitted abstracts among which about 8 of them were selected.

More information is available on the WEB site.

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