Congratulations to Andrea Carfi, former IBS PhD student, for the development of the Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine

We are proud to announce that Andrea Carfi, currently VP & Head of Research for Infectious Disease at Moderna, Cambridge, MA, USA, is an IBS alumnus.

After receiving his doctorate under the direction of Otto Dideberg (retired) at the IBS in 1997 he completed his training as a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Don Wiley’s group at Children’s Hospital (Harvard University) in Boston, MA, where he met the current IBS director Prof. W. Weissenhorn. Andrea Carfi then moved to industry, joining Merck in 2002. He returned to Cambridge (USA) in 2010 as a senior manager first at Novartis Vaccines and then GSK vaccines. He joined Moderna in 2017, where he contributed to the development of Moderna’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine that was recently approved for use by the European Medicines Agency ( The Moderna’s COVID19 vaccine has been approved and used in France since 11 January

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