CNRS Crystal for Jacques Joly
Jacques Joly (IBS/GSY) received one of the CNRS’s Crystals 2009, for its work on the FIP beamline at the ESRF

Gergely Katona winner of the ESRF Young scientist Award
Gergely Katona received the prize for his innovative experiments in the field of structural dynamics of proteins by using synchrotron radiation. The jury awarding the prize acknowledged the combination of X-ray crystallography, time-resolved Laue diffraction, time resolved wide angle X-ray scattering and Raman spectroscopy in his research, a method developed when he was part of the Laboratoire de Cristallographie et Cristallogénèse des Protéines.

AFC Price for Virgile Adam
The French Association of Crystallography (AFC) awarded its Biology prize to Virgile Adam for his mechanistic study of fluorescent photoactivables proteins by a combined approach of crystallography and spectroscopy