High-field NMR facility @ IBS


Isabel Ayala (protein engineer)
Bernhard Brutscher (research director at CEA)
Adrien Favier (research engineer)
Alicia Vallet (NMR platform engineer)


The NMR facility at IBS underwent significant improvements in 2014. Currently, the NMR facility operates 6 high-field NMR instruments at magnetic field strengths ranging from 600 MHz to 950 MHz, equipped with state-of-the-art liquid state (cryogenic probes, sample changers), and solid state (high-speed MAS probes) capabilities. 5 of the spectrometers are equipped with Bruker Avance IIIHD consoles, while the last one is Agilent (VNMRS).

Plateforme de RMN
Credit photo CEA/D.Morel

(Photo credit CEA/D.Morel)

More detailed information on NMR equipment (probes...) is available here.

NMR access methods

The NMR facility gives access to national users since 1997, and is part of the French high field infrastructure IR-RMN-THC (FR 3050). At the European level, the NMR facility of IBS (with its regional NMR partner in Lyon) forms the regional consortium RALF-NMR which has taken part in several successive European access programs: FP6-I3-EU-NMR (2006-2010), FP7-I3-BIO-NMR (2010-2014) and H2020-I3-iNEXT (2015-2019). A new project (iNEXT-DISCOVERY) has been submitted and if granted will allow access from 01/2020. Access can also be obtained via INSTRUCT-ERIC. The NMR facility provides access to NMR instruments, as well as the expertise needed for NMR data acquisition and processing.

We also offer a protein quality controll service (purity, oligomerization state, structure degree). For more details, see
1D Quality Control Platform

Preparation of isotope-labeled NMR samples (2H, 13C, 15N)

We also offer limited user access to our facility for large-scale expression of isotope-labeled proteins in E.coli, under the supervision of a trained platform engineer. Dedicated benches, optimized protocols and appropriate isotope-labeled chemicals are available for the following services:

  • Protocols and technical advice for large-scale production of uniformly 13C, 15N-labeled proteins.
  • Feasibility studies and training for large-scale production of protein overexpression in perdeuterated media.
  • Large scale overexpression of [15N, 13C and 2H] labeled proteins and [13C1H3]-methyl specifically labeled proteins.
    in a highly (>98%) perdeuterated medium.

ISO 9001

The high-field NMR and isotope labeling platforms obtained ISO 9001/v2008 quality management certification in July 2011, an essential label and guarantee of quality for all platform users.

NMRlib has been developed in the biomolecular NMR group of the Structural Biology Institute of Grenoble (see dedicated page).
For general questions or comments about NMRlib:

  • For the solution NMR part, please contact Adrien Favier or Bernhard Brutscher.
  • For questions related to solid state NMR, please contact Alicia Vallet
NMR plateform mind map