Mass Spectrometry Platform

Head of platform: Elisabetta Boeri Erba

We are interested in studying protein complexes by native mass spectrometry (native MS). This specific MS technique allows the preservation within the gas phase of non-covalent interactions between subunits of a protein assembly. After different steps of analysis one can build 2D interaction maps of protein complexes. Native MS represents a powerful and appropriate tool to study the architecture of protein complexes of different sizes (from some tens of kDa up to MDa) when high-resolution structural data are not available. It complements the existing methods in structural biology since it requires very little amounts of sample (5 to 10 μM of a protein complex are sufficient for a successful analysis), tolerates heterogeneity of subunit composition, does not require crystals, and symmetry in the structure does not represent an advantage.

Available services:
 Mass spectrometry platform

Platform members:
 Elisabetta Boeri Erba
 Luca Signor (on sabbatical leave)
 Agneta Kiss