Methods: [time-resolved] room temperature crystallography

Room temperature crystallography gives better insights on physiological protein dynamics than cryocrystallography

Contact: Sylvain Engilberge & Antoine Royant

Time-resolved macromolecular crystallography (TR-MX) at synchrotrons has long been limited to the use of the Laue diffraction technique and was only successful for a handful of biological systems. The recent advent of X-ray free-electron lasers has rejuvenated the field by fostering the development of serial crystallography, which consists in composing a complete data set from single diffraction images obtained from tens of thousands of microcrystals passing through a pulsed X-ray beam. The associated development of crystal injection techniques, coupled to the advent of faster, noiseless X-ray detectors, has paved the way for the revival of TR-MX at synchrotrons, starting with the generalisation of room temperature MX. We use and develop methods in TR-MX at synchrotrons and XFELs, including the development of time-resolved spectroscopy at the icOS Lab.

Selected publications:

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