The GenOM team aims to better understand the fundamental mechanisms involved in the response of cells to DNA damage and to determine how such processes can contribute to radiation resistance in bacteria and to drug resistance in cancer cells.

To achieve these objectives, we use a highly integrated approach combining molecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology and advanced cell imaging.

Our favourite model organism is one of the most radiation resistant organisms on earth, the bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans. We also use eukaryotic models for our work on cancer-related topics.

Team members

• Joanna Timmins, DR2 CNRS
• Fabienne Hans, MCF UGA
• Pierre Vauclare, CRCN CNRS
• Jean-Philippe Kleman, E6 CEA
• Françoise Lacroix, IE CNRS
• Salvatore De Bonis, Tech CEA
• Mohammad Rida Hayek, PhD student
• Mrinalini Lianne Rao, PhD student
• Ahmad Hammoud, PhD student


Past members

• Anne-Sophie Banneville (PhD; 2018-2021)
• Anna Seck (PhD; 2017-2021)
• Kevin Floc’h (PhD; 2015-2019) Thesis
• Müge Senarisoy (PhD; 2015-2018) Thesis
• Anthi Mettou (Post-doc; 2017-2019)
• Meike Stelter (Post-doc; 2011-2015)
• Aili Sarre (PhD; 2012-2014)