Microscope GLACIOS (Thermo Scientific)

Glacios microscope

Specificities :
 Tension : 200 kV
 Field Emission Gun (FEG)
 Falcon II Thermo Scientific and Gatan K2 summit electron counting direct detection cameras
 CETA CMOS camer
 Software : Tomography TEM, EPU (automatic data collection), SerialEM

December 2018, the IBS received a GLACIOS transmission electron microscope for high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy. The microscope was funded by generous grants from CEA, CNRS, ESRF and FRISBI.
This microscope is a cryo-transmission EM with a 200 kV field emission gun (FEG), which allows imaging of proteins in their native state.
The microscope is equipped with an "AutoLoader" system allowing to load grids. The Autoloader system allows to load up to 12 grids inside the column of the microscope in an automatic way.

To collect high resolution data, the microscope is fitted with two high performance detectors available for cryo-electron microscopy: the Falcon II electron counting direct detection camera (Thermo Scientific) and the Gatan K2 summit electron counting direct detection camera.

The GLACIOS is also equipped to do single tilt electron tomography with:
 Falcon II and Gatan K2 summit cameras (direct detection camera)
 Tomography TEM software, SerialEM

The GLACIOS microscope is open to outside (national and international) users after approval of their scientific projects. Trained cryo-electron microscopists have priority but other projects can be accommodated within the framework of collaboration. In any case if you want to use or have an access to the Glacios Microscope or to another equipment of the electron microscopy platform, please send an email to : [ibs-plateforme-em.contact@ibs.fr->mailto:ibs-plateforme-em.contact@ibs.fr.