AFM team presentation



Team leader: Jean-Luc Pellequer (CEA Researcher, HDR)

Team members:

 Jean-Marie Teulon (CEA Engineer)
 Jean-Luc Pellequer (CEA Researcher) ORCID iD
 Daphna Fenel (CEA Technician, 20%)
 Shu-wen W. Chen (CDD Researcher) ORCID iD
 Harinderbir Kaur (Marie Curie ITN PhD student) ORCID iD
 Ercan Seçkin (Master 1)


The AFM team aims at developing analyses techniques in atomic force microscopy (AFM) in three major axes: high-resolution imaging, dynamic force spectroscopy and cellular biomechanics. Current projects are:

  • Bionanomechanics in plant —> A European Training Network grant has been awarded to a consortium of researchers (Phys2BioMed) mainly originating from our previous COST Action TD1002. The project aims at studying the mechanical response of root tissues during abiotic stress for understanding the STOP1-LPR1 multi-stress signaling pathways in Arabidopsis plants.
  • Methodological developments —> The long-term activity in method developments such as image processing will be pursued. New developments for analyzing force-indentation curves are developed. This is important to extract the Young modulus (elasticity) of cells for which the current lack of accurate automated programs is a handicap to develop novel measurement of complicated systems such as live plant roots.
  • Metrology and nanotoxicology —> The team is participating to a national inter-laboratory comparison of techniques to determine the size of nanoparticles. The team is a co-leader on the AFM technique.

For more information, please contact Jean-Luc Pellequer


 Atomic Force Microscopy, Dynamic Force Spectroscopy, Nanomechanics, Image processing, Nanoparticle metrology, AFM-based structure reconstruction, Comparative modeling.

Team Instruments

 Multimode 8, Nanoscope V (Bruker)
 Dimension 3100, Nanoscope V (Bruker)
Instruments associated to microscopes :
 Microscope fluo, Nikon Eclipse TE2000
 UV/Ozone lamp
 Peltier-cooled incubator Memmert IPP110+ with a full spectrum LED light 45W

Major publications

  • Chen S-wW, Banneville A-S, Teulon J-M, Timmins J and Pellequer J-L (2020) Nanoscale surface structures of DNA bound to Deinococcus radiodurans HU unveiled by atomic force microscopy. Nanoscale 12: 22628-22638. [HAL]
  • Uroda T, Chillon I, Annibale P, Teulon J-M, Pessey O, Karuppasamy M, Pellequer JL and Marcia M
    Visualizing the functional 3D shape and topography of long noncoding RNAs by single-particle atomic force microscopy and in-solution hydrodynamic techniques.
    Nat. Protoc. 2020, 15: 2107-2139. [HAL]
  • Uroda T, Anastasakou E, Rossi A, Teulon JM, Pellequer JL, Annibale P, Pessey O, Inga A, Chillon I and Marcia M
    Conserved pseudoknots in lncRNA MEG3 are essential for stimulation of the p53 pathway.
    Mol. Cell 2019, 75: 1-14. [HAL]
  • Silvestre-Roig C, Braster Q, Wichapong K, Lee EY, Teulon JM, Berrebeh N, Winter J, Adrover JM, Santos GS, Froese A, Lemnitzer P, Ortega-Gómez A, Chevre R, Marschner J, Schumski A, Winter C, Perez-Olivares L, Pan C, Paulin N, Schoufour T, Hartwig H, González-Ramos S, Kamp F, Megens RTA, Mowen KA, Gunzer M, Maegdefessel L, Hackeng T, Lutgens E, Daemen M, von Blume J, Anders H-J, Nikolaev VO, Pellequer JL, Weber C, Hidalgo A, Nicolaes GAF, Wong GCL and Soehnlein O
    Externalized histone H4 orchestrates chronic inflammation by inducing lytic cell death.
    Nature 2019, 569: 236-240. [HAL]
  • Teulon JM, Godon C, Chantalat L, Moriscot C, Cambedouzou J, Odorico M, Ravaux J, Podor R, Gerdil A, Habert A, Herlin-Boime N, Chen SwW and Pellequer JL
    On the operational aspects of measuring nanoparticle sizes.
    Nanomaterials 2019, 9 : 18. (cover)
  • Balzergue C, Dartevelle T, Godon C, Laugier E, Meisrimler C, Teulon JM, Creff A, Bissler M, Brouchoud C, Hagège A, Müller J, Chiarenza S, Javot H, Becuwe-Linka N, David P, Péret B, Delannoy E, Thibaud M-C, Armangaud J, Abel S, Pellequer JL, Nussaume L and Desnos T
    Low phosphate activates STOP1-ALMT1 to rapidly inhibit root cell elongation.
    Nat. Commun. 2017, 8: 15300.
  • Schillers H, Rianna C, Schäpe J, Luque T, Doschke H, Wälte M, Uriarte JJ, Campillo N, Michanetzis GP, Bobrowska J, Dumitru A, Herruzo ET, Bovio S, Parot P, Galluzzi M, Podestà A, Puricelli L, Scheuring S, Missirlis Y, Garcia R, Odorico M, Teulon JM, Lafont F, Lekka M, Rico F, Rigato A, Pellequer JL, Oberleithner H, Navajas D and Radmacher M
    Standardized Nanomechanical Atomic force microscopy Procedure (SNAP) for measuring soft and biological samples.
    Sci. Rep. 2017, 7: 5117.
  • Chen SwW, Odorico M, Meillan M, Vellutini L, Teulon JM, Parot P, Bennetau B and Pellequer JL
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    Nanoscale 2013, 5: 10877-10886.
  • Trinh MH, Odorico M, Pique ME, Teulon JM, Roberts VA, Ten Eyck LF, Getzoff ED, Parot P, Chen SwW and Pellequer JL
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    Structure 2012, 20: 113-120. [HAL]

The full list of the AFM team publication can be found __here__