Schoehn Team

Head of the team : Guy Schoehn (DR1-CNRS)

The Schoehn team of the Electron Microscopy and Methods group relies on a set of instruments to perform its research.
The team, and the electron microscopy platform which is attached to it, manages, maintains and keeps in optimal condition a set of three electron microscopes (T12 microscope dedicated to negative staining, equipped with an Orius camera; TF20 microscope usable for cryo-microscopy and for electron micro-diffraction, equipped with Ceta and Medipix3RX cameras; Glacios microscope dedicated to cryo-microscopy, equipped with Falcon2 and K2 cameras) and their associated instruments (cryo sample holders, carbon evaporator, glow-discharge, Vitrobot, HPM100 high-pressure freezer, substitution freeze apparatus and microtome). These instruments are available not only to IBS but also to national and international academic researchers. For information on access to these instruments, please contact Guy Schoehn.