Postdoctoral position in structural biology to study radical SAM enzyme mechanisms (METALLO group)

A 2-year postdoctoral position is available in the METALLO group at the IBS.

Mission : structural characterization of reaction intermediates in the time course of radical SAM enzymes, involved in the assembly of the [FeFe]-hydrogenase active site.

Required skills : The ideal candidate must hold a Ph.D. with a solid background in laboratory biochemistry, protein expression and purification and be especially interest in metalloproteins and enzymatic mechanisms. Experience in anaerobic conditions will be appreciated. Strong experience in structural biology and X-ray crystallography is an asset. A certain affinity for using computer tools, with an interest in simple programming for the utilization of software for the processing and analysis of structural data will be greatly appreciated.

Applications :
To apply, please provide a detailed resume, a summary of your past research activity, a letter to describe how you would fit to the requested profile, the transcripts of your academic records and Ph.D. degree and two reference letters to Yvain Nicolet.

The application must also be submitted through the following website (reference=2024-31322) before May 15, 2024.

Expected starting date : June 17, 2024.

Détails du posdoctorat

Please refer to the attached file for more details.