Science Festival 2019

Highlight of the 2019 edition : 5 events

Official opening of the 2019 Science Festival in Isere on EPN Campus
Thursday 03 October saw the official opening of the 2019 Science Festival on the EPN Campus. The launching of the 2019 Science Festival in Isere began with visits of the NMR and electron microscopy platforms of the IBS, the ESRF tunnel, the EMBL-IBS partnership platform for high throughput protein crystallography, the Science building and two ILL-ESRF joint laboratories were proposed.
Then the opening ceremony in the IBS seminar room was attended by Chloé Lombard, representing Mr Préfet de l’Isère, Viviane Henry, representing Madam Rector of the Academy of Grenoble, Christophe Ferrari, the President of Grenoble Alpes Metropole, Eric Piolle, Mayor of Grenoble, and Jeany Jean-Baptiste, Director of la Casemate. The directors of the four EPN institutions (EMBL, ESRF, IBS, ILL) and people in charge of the Science Festival in other academic laboratoires or associations were also present.

Visite de la plateforme de Microscopie electronique de l’IBS - © IBS
Visite de la plateforme de RMN de l’IBS - © IBS
M. Weissenhorn, directeur de l’IBS - © IBS
Cérémonie de lancement - © ILL


Conference for the General Public - October 07, 2019 - Grenoble Tourist Office
in the frame of the "PHAGES in Grenoble" 2019 workshop organized by IBS and the Network, Doctor Raphaëlle Delattre (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris) gave a conference entiteld : Les bactéries résistantes aux antibiotiques seront-elles vaincues par les bactériophages ?

Discover the awesome world of biology - October 07 & 08, 2019 - Building Jean Roget, la Tronche
Two classes from Grenoble, one class from Champs sur Drac and one from La Rivière were able to discover the awesome world of biology thanks to the involvement of a dozen of our IBS scientists and technicians. Each third of the class was able to participate in one of the following workshops : fluorescent proteins, banana DNA and protein discoverie, to the delight of the 115 visitors (103 primary school pupils and 12 teachers).


Workshops for High school classes - October 10 & 11, 2019 - IBS
High school classes from Villard Bonnot and Montbonnot, but also as far away as Briançon and Chamonix visited us on october 10 an 11. About twenty volunteers were mobilized to explain our activities, to organize 2 hours workshops in our labs and to demystify scientific professions. The 110 high school students and teachers greatly appreciated the staff availability and to discover facilities to explore the world of proteins at atomic scale .


Escape Game - October 12, 2019 - Parvis des Sciences Minatec
The Parvis des Sciences offers an overview of research in biology, nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, microelectronics... On this occasion, IBS joined its PSB partners on October 12 to explain the periodic table of elements, a major tool for scientists. An escape game on the scale of the stand offered the opportunity to better understand how is it organized, how are new elements discovered and what are their applications.

Photo Credit : IBS/O. Cavoret & ESRF/C. Argoud

More than thirty IBS volunteers were mobilized to explain the purpose of our research and propose experiments, in a warm and funny atmosphere. Congratulations to all volunteers for sharing their enthusiasm with different audiences and contributing to this ambitious and very successful edition !