EMBO Course : Structural Characterization of Macromolecular Complexes

Grenoble 31 May - 5 June 2010

Program EMBO 2010

This six-day course, co-organised by Carlo Petosa, aims to teach the strategic use of biochemical and biophysical techniques to expedite structural studies of macromolecular complexes. The primary focus is on how to produce, purify and characterize multi-subunit protein and protein/nucleic acid complexes for structural analysis.
For details, please have a look on the Website of the course

All PSB members and local area scientists are welcome to attend the morning lectures, which will be held in the ILL Chadwick Amphitheatre (Sat. June 5 in the EMBL seminar room). Visitors requiring a site entry are requested to contact Mary Jane Villot (villot@embl.fr)

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