The trimechanic theory

A new version of the contact-based mechanical model with the strict application of Sneddon’s principles.

The trimechanic theory is the very concept of composite nanomechanics underlying the restoring mechanism
of material under an external compression. It provides a disentanglement of the linear and tip-shape related mechanical responses at various indentation depth.

The trimechanic theory applies to all contact-based mechanical models with a power law force–depth relationship. The prospect of this research posits that stiffness measure will not stay on a stage of global assessment but goes further to link elastic behaviors with substructure of the nanomaterial.

 Chen SWW, Teulon JM, Kaur H, Godon C and Pellequer JL (2023) Nano-structural stiffness measure for soft biomaterials of heterogeneous elasticity. Nanoscale Horiz. 8 : 75-82. [HAL]