COSMX2012 - Training course in complementary optical spectroscopies

September 19-21, ESRF

The IBS, the ESRF, the EMBL, the Swiss Light Source and Diamond are organizing a training course in optical spectroscopic methods complementary to macromolecular crystallography that will take place at the ESRF next September (19th to 21th). This course is open to students, postdocs, as well as technical and scientific staff. The first day of the course will be devoted to the presentation of the instruments, techniques (essentially UV-visible light absorption, fluorescence, Raman) and methods that are available at the three synchrotrons. The second day will feature hands-on practicals on the various instruments of the ESRF (which includes the IBS/ESRF platform Cryobench) and data analysis practicals.

The deadline for application is Friday July 20th. You can find the preliminary program and details on how to apply here.

Please note that the course is cofinanced by Biostruct-X and the ESRF, hence there is no registration fee for academics.

If you have any question, please contact Daniele de Sanctis (ESRF) or Antoine Royant (IBS).

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