Cryo-EM Symposium, 6-7 July 2017, EPN campus

On July 6th and 7th, our campus hosted a unique CRYO-EM Symposium in the framework of the newly established cryo-EM platform. The new facility is open to the user community based on peer-review of scientific merit and technical feasibility. Scientists from ESRF, IBS and EMBLsupport user operation.

The aims of this conference were to promote the exciting opportunities in structural biology opened by the advances in EM, to introduce the Titan Krios microscope that just arrived at the ESRF, and to describe the newly established cryo-EM facility at the EPN campus to the international user community. Check out the programme here.
This symposium brought together 170 registered leading experts, researchers and representatives of industrial partners that presented the latest developments in cryo-EM as well as outstanding research in structural biology.
The Symposium was live-streamed through the ESRF YouTube channel and viewers commented in real-time during the presentations.

It was organized by all institutes of the EPN campus (ESRF, EMBL, IBS and ILL), financially supported by the organizations PSB, CEA, GRAL, FRISBI, UGA and sponsored by Thermo Fisher, Gatan, Molecular Dimensions, Mitegen and Quantifoil
Organising committee : Stephen Cusack (EMBL), Trevor Forsyth (ILL/Keele), Wojciech Galej (EMBL), Gordon Leonard (ESRF), Marco Marcia (EMBL), Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann (ESRF), Hugues Nury (IBS), Guy Schoehn (IBS), Montserrat Soler-Lopez (ESRF), Jean Susini (ESRF) and Winfried Weissenhorn (IBS).
Grégory Effantin and Irina Gutsche gave a presentation during this symposium.

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