"Fluorescence in biology" Day

April 17, 2014, IBS


The Institut de Biologie Structurale organizes a "Fluorescence in biology" day. A dozen speakers from IBS, EMBL, iRTSV, GIN, IAB, LiPhy will present their work based on diverse fluorescence microscopy or spectroscopy techniques as well as the associated platforms. This event is meant to be informal, is associated with the support of the Labex Gral, and aims at promoting exchanges and collaborations. Subscription is free but compulsory.


A detailed program is attached. Contact : Dominique Bourgeois.

The Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS) is located in the area of Grenoble called ’EPN Science Campus’ and information to access the site is available at www.ibs.fr. Visitors to the EPN science campus must be registered for a visit prior to arrival. In order to preprare this registration, please send your surname, name, place and date of birth, nationality as well as the name of your employer to Odile Kaikati. You will need to produce proof of identification (e.g. passport, ID card) to be able to enter.

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