IBS Scientific Days - June 17 & 18, 2021

Programme 2021

In June 2020, due to the sanitory situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic we were unable to organize our traditional annual Scientific Day. This year, the 2021 organizing committee set up a mixed edition on June 17 and 18 : in remote format on June 17 and 18 mornings, with poster sessions in the hall during afternoons (3 posters presented by their author per hour).
The speakers had made a special effort to prepare original plenary or duo presentations and zooms. On this occasion, the IBS 2021 Young Researcher Prize was awarded to Jennyfer Trouve (IBS/PG), a 2nd year PhD student, for her work on bacterial cell wall synthesis (to know more) and the Flash Prize went to Anas Malki (IBS/FDP) for his flash on the role of intrinsically disordered protein stress response. The closing conference was given by the invited speaker S. Verges (Hypoxia and Physiopathologies Laboratory, coordinator of the 5300 Expedition project), who spoke about human adaptation to altitude and hypoxia.
Nearly 180 people were connected during these two mornings, and about fifteen persons followed the presentations from the seminar room, to facilitate their interventions and make these mornings a lively event.

Présentation plénière / Plenary presentation
Presentations flashs par les doctorants de 2eme année/ Flash presentations by 2nd year PhD students
Poster session
Le comité d’organisation presque au complet / The organizing committee almost complete

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