INSERM international Workshop on GlycosaminoGlycans - 19-21th of June 2019 - Bordeaux

The goal of this workshop, organized by Romain Vives (IBS, Grenoble) and Dulce Papy Garcia (Gly-CRRET, UPEC, Créteil), to put an emphasis on the technological developments and breakthroughs that led to progress in the understanding of GAG structure and biological functions, as well as the perspectives of applications in diagnostics and therapy.

The workshop will include 4 main sessions focusing on :
 GAG Biosynthesis and Metabolism
 GAG-protein interactions and physiophatological conditions
 Technological and methodological approaches for GAG analysis
 GAGs : from bench to bedside
Registration are open (deadline 15/04) and all details can be found on the dedicated website.

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