Meeting for the future users of the neutron bio-crystallography station of the European Spallation Source

23-24 March 2015, IBS

A new facility for the use of neutrons began its construction in Lund, Sweden. This source, the European Spallation Source (ESS), will have among others a diffractometer for crystallography of biological macromolecules (NMX diffractometer), whose commissioning is planned around 2023. The expected neutron flux and reduced beam size should allow a real revival of neutron crystallography, raising much of the current limitations, particularly in terms of crystal size and available beam time.

France participates in the ESS project, and as such contributes to the construction of the source and experimental equipment. It could directly contribute to the construction of NMX, in agreement with the expression by the national community of scientific interest. This meeting is dedicated :

  • To present this future equipment and the opportunities it will provide to the French community of crystallographers of biological macromolecules ;
  • To present the choices related tot the experimental setup, and therefore to gather opinions to refine these choices ;
  • To identify needs, to help guide budget decisions.

An introduction to the future NMX station, the program included presentations of results obtained with neutrons, or on the methodology and instrumentation for neutron crystallography, followed by round tables. It was also asked each of the participants a short presentation (1-2 slides) describing their interest in structural biology.

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