PSB Spolight on Imaging - Tuesday March 19th, 2019 - EPN campus.

The aim of this meeting is to illustrate how different experimental imaging techniques can be combined to perform various biological studies at different scales, ranging from single particles to large biology structures (e.g. bones). Morning will be devoted to scientific seminars on different types of imaging : electron microscopy, nanoSIM, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray holography, super-resolution imaging, cryoelectronic neutron tomography and nano-tomography. Several practicals for a limited number of people will be available in the afternoon : AFM, super resolution microscopy, 4D microscopy, cell microscopy (sample preparation), cryo electron microscopy and X-ray and neutron tomography data processing. Seminars are open to all, practicals need registration.
This meeting is organized by Florent Bernaudat (ESRF), Sylvain Bohic (ESRF/Inserm), Dominique Bourgeois (IBS), Wojtek Galej (EMBL), Guy Schoehn (IBS) and Alessandro Tengattini (ILL) under the auspices of the PSB.
Program and registration on the dedicated website.

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