Workshop "Structural Glycoscience : methods and instrumentation

29th June - 1st July, Grenoble

The "Membrane and Immunity" team of Franck Fieschi, from the laboratoire
des protéines membranaires, co-organize this workshop with Serge Perez from the ESRF.

Glycoscience is a rapidly expanding and exciting field that is relevant
to many areas of chemistry, biology and medicine. Glycans structure is of a direct importance since they are key structural elements in cell and in signalling events on their surface.
The workshop will train young scientists, from a chemistry or biology
background, in the most up-to-date approaches for determining the structural and dynamic properties of carbohydrates, glycan binding receptors, analysis of their complexes and notably in the context of immunity and host-pathogen interaction.

This workshop is financed by the ITN marie curie Network CARMUSYS and the European Science Fundation. There is no registration fee and some
fellowship are availabel for student to cover accomodation and part of
travel expenses.

Organizing comitee : Franck Fieschi, Anne Imberty, Serge Perez.

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