2023 IBS Scientific Day

The traditional IBS annual scientific day took place on June 13, 2023, in the auditorium of the Fédération du BTP de l’Isère. The program offerd a large overview of the Institute’s scientific news, with a variety of formats : plenary scientific presentations, duo presentations, 180s ANR presentations as well as quizz and a video about services supports.

Two doctoral students, who took part in the Ma Thèse en 180s competition in 2022 and 2023, also presented their research topic, in three minutes, in a clear, concise and theatrical presentation.

In addition, 2nd year students were invited to present their research project through a poster and a flash presentation. The Flash/Poster Prize was awarderd to Tatiana Labouré (IBS/MEMBRANE), who is seeking to decipher the molecular mechanism of insecticides on insect pentameric receptors using cryogenic electron microscopy.

  • Les candidats IBS au concours MT180
  • Remise du prix du flash/poster IBS 2023

The IBS 2023 Young Researcher Prize was awarded to Solène Besson, who performed her thesis in the MEM group, and presented her work on the development of a treatment for melanoma.

Finally, Paul Tafforeau from ESRF gave a public lecture highlighting an unexpected journey from paleontology to biomedical imaging.

The day ended with a putluck dinner.