2015 Science Fair edition

In 2015, the national science festival, Fête de la Science, partnered with the International Year of Light. On this occasion, the IBS organized 4 events :

On October 05 & 06 at IBS, 66 secondary schools pupils and their 6 teachers explored the world of proteins at atomic scale. They discovered the experimental approaches in life science and scientific results obtained at the IBS as well as different careers in research :

Atelier microbiologie/ Microbiology workshop
Salle des spectromètres RMN/ NMR spectrometers room
Entrainement au maniement du pipetman/ Pipetman training course
Pêche aux cristaux de protéine

On October 08 & 09, with the help of IBS scientists,108 schoolchildren discovered the awesome world of biology :

Atelier protéines fluorescentes/Fluorescent proteins
Atelier ADN de bananes/Banana DNA
Atelier découverte des protéines/Proteins discovery

On October 10, PhD students set up an exhibtiion stand at the Mini Maker Fair ’Parvis des Sciences’ along with neighbouring institutes ILL, EMBL and ESRF. It demonstrates the complementarity of these institutes and the importance of geographical proximity

Visualisation de cristaux de protéine sous microscope/ Protein crystal investigation under microscope
Observation de structures 3D de proteine/ Have a look to 3D structure of proteins

The exhibition "La vie en lumière, lumière sur la vie" at Saint Martin d’Uriage (coordinated by Beate Bersch researcher at IBS) invites visitors to explore bioluminescent organisms and molecules.During the science festival, Beate welcomed 133 schoolpupils and 180 general public. The exhibition is open from september 25 to november 29 :

About thirty five volunteers were mobilized for those events, thanks to make them a success ! .