Science Fair 2012

Atelier visualisation de cristaux

For the 2012 Science Week, the Institute organized two events on october 11 and 12 :

 IBS researchers, engineers and technicians invited secondary school pupils to discover the proteins which are essential for life. They had the opportunity to visit laboratories, accomplish scientific experiments (through RMN, electron microscopy and crystallography workshops) and get information about careers in research.

Atelier microscopie électronique
Atelier RMN

 A hundred pupils were also invited to participate in one of three workshops (short experiments involving proteins and DNA). They could visit a the laboratory to discover benches, chemical products, instruments etc.

Atelier découvertes des protéines
Atelier ADN bananes
Atelier protéines fluorescentes
Visite labo par les CM2

About fourty volunteers were mobilized and shared with pupils the great pleasure of discovery