Jennyfer Trouve, IBS Young Scientist 2021

The IBS Young Scientist Award of 2021 has been attributed to Jennyfer Trouve, a 3rd year PhD student from the IBS Pneumococcus group, for her work on bacterial cell wall synthesis. Jennyfer conducted her studies using super-resolution microscopy on the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae, also known as pneumococcus. In addition to the novel concepts her work brings to the morphogenesis of ovococci (egg-shaped) bacteria, the innovative experimental approach she developed will be applied in the future to mutant strains or in combination with antibiotics to dissect the role of proteins involved in bacterial growth and division. Since the cell wall is a common trait of all bacterial species, this approach also offers very promising perspectives for the study of morphogenesis and division in other bacteria. In addition to her intense research activity, Jennyfer has also been very involved in the IBS community life.