Elda Bauda, IBS Young Scientist 2024

The IBS Young Researcher Prize 2024 has been awarded to Elda Bauda, whose thesis defended in 2023 was supervised by the MEM and PG groups at IBS.
Elda’s work focused on macromolecular complexes required for bacterial spore development. To study these large protein assemblies in their cellular context, Elda has set up the production of Bacillus subtilis lamellae by cryo-FIB/SEM and their analysis by cryo-electron tomography. This emerging approach, whose implementation was a real challenge, revealed in particular the ultrastructure of the spore chromosome and the protein layers assembled on its surface.
This study lays foundations for the dissection of molecular mechanisms involved in spore resistance, which can prove advantageous (probiotics), or pose a public health problem in the case of spores from pathogens.
In addition to her intense research activity, Elda has also been very involved in the EDCSV student community, and has taken part in a number of science popularization events.