Elke De Zitter, winner of the European XFEL Young Scientist Award 2023

Elke De Zitter (IBS/Dynamics and kinetics of molecular processes Group) has been awarded the European XFEL Young Scientist Award 2023, which aims at recognizing outstanding contributions to research at European XFEL by young researchers in the early stages of their career. This prize rewards De Zitter’s research on processing serial-crystallography data taken by the SPB/SFX instrument at European XFEL. She is interested in mosquitocidal proteins, that target and kill mosquitos and the brilliance of the European XFEL was required to get high resolution diffraction data to solve these structures. She has also worked on developing a piece of software known as Xtrapol8 which can extract protein structures from European XFEL data. E. De Zitter gave insights into her research at a talk during European XFEL Users’ Meeting on 25 January 2023, explaining her work and the contribution of European XFEL data in her research. To know more