Séminaire IBS : Metabolic control of virus-induced lung inflammation


Salle des séminaires IBS

Par Dr Mustapha Si-Tahar (Research Center for Respiratory Diseases, Inserm U1100, Faculty of medicine, Tours)

Metabolism and immunity, historically siloed research domains, have recently converged under the concept of immunometabolism.
In the context of influenza virus infection, we have shown that the lung mucosa undergoes metabolic reprogramming, leading to the accumulation of specific metabolites known as metabokines. We revealed the dual functionality of certain metabokines as they regulate host immune cell responses through the modulation of inflammatory signaling and the induction of post-translational protein modifications. Simultaneously, these compounds directly or indirectly disrupt influenza virus replication.
These major findings offer significant potential for innovative treatments targeting inflammation and viruses.

Hôte : Marie-José Stasia (IBS/M&P)