Ahmad Hammoud


As a doctoral student, I’ve been part of the GenOM team in the I2SR group since the late 2022. My thesis project focuses on DNA repair and Oncology where it aims to decipher the extent of evolvement of YBX-1 protein in Base Excision Repair (BER)-based cancer drug resistance, and whether it could be considered as a diagnostic and prognostic cancer biomarker in several cancer types. This study is being conducted under the supervision of Fabienne Hans, and in collaboration with some team members, like Joanna Timmins the head of the team and Mrinalini Lianne RAO my partner PhD student, and with other labs around France. Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology techniques, like Western Blot, RTqPCR, Immunofluorescence, and High Content Screening, are being utilized to achieve the objectives of the project.