Dominique Bourgeois

CNRS Researcher
Equipe PIXEL
Groupe I2SR
Institut de Biologie Structurale CNRS (UMR 5075)/CEA/UGA
CS 10090

Tel : 33-(0)4 57 42 86 44
Fax : 33-(0)4 76 50 18 90

Although as a child I wanted to become a helicopter pilot, I ended up after my studies being a researcher at CNRS. I always liked to stand at the frontier between physics and biology, and this was true for my PhD in the field of magnetic resonance imaging, my long stay at the Grenoble ESRF developing kinetic x-ray crystallography, and still today, trying to understand the mysteries of fluorescent proteins and the tricks of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. I’m a really bad biologist, a rather poor chemist, and a fairly ignorant physicist, but mixing all three, I really enjoy my work amongst my very knowledgeable colleagues. What I like most is to help my students grow and find their way in professional life. My hobby at work is to write ugly Matlab code to simulate single-molecule imaging, that’s pretty bizarre in view of the fact that if there was one thing which I hated as a student, it was computers. My other hobby is much more profound : hiking and climbing and skiing and taking people around the beautiful mountains that surround us.