Importance of lncRNA tertiary structure in key cellular processes

The IBS AFM team determined by single lncRNA molecule imaging, the conformation of MEG3 under several experimental conditions (native, destabilizing, and denaturing). The attached figure provides a sample of 100 isolated molecules of native MEG3 deposited on mica and air-imaged by atomic force microscopy (AFM) with Peak-Force mode. Compared to AFM imaging of unstructured (poly-A) or known to be structured (group II intron) RNA molecules, the results demonstrate the presence of a particular folding for MEG3 which is consistent with the biochemical and biophysical results of this study led by Marco Marcia from EMBL Grenoble.
The AFM imaging was performed by Jean-Marie Teulon with RNA samples from Tina Uroda. Tina also participated in defining the sample deposition protocol on mica.

Uroda T, Anastasakou E, Rossi A, Teulon J-M, Pellequer J-L, Annibale P, Pessey O, Inga A, Chillon I and Marcia M (2019) Conserved pseudoknots in lncRNA MEG3 are essential for stimulation of the p53 pathway.Mol. Cell 75 : 1-14.