Optimized protocol for determining plant root stiffness

Stiffness plays a central role in plant cell extension. We have optimized a protocol for detecting stiffness changes on the outer epidermal cell wall of living plant roots using atomic force microscopy (AFM). A protocol provides general instructions for collecting force-distance curves and analyzing stiffness using a contact-based mechanical model. With this protocol and initial AFM training, a user is able to perform indentation experiments on 4- and 5-day-old Arabidopsis thaliana and determine stiffness properties.

Kaur H, Teulon J-M, Foucher A-E, Fenel D, Chen S-wW, Godon C, Desnos T and Pellequer J-L (2023) Measuring external primary cell wall elasticity of seedling roots using atomic force microscopy. STAR Protoc. 4 : 102265.