Industrial Transfer and Partnership

2023-2026 Sanofi
CIFRE thesis of B. Vibert (Supervision J. Boisbouvier /O. Frances)
Innovative tools for NMR characterization of glycosylated therapeutic antibodies at the atomic scale

2022-2024 UGA/IDEX Innovation Grant
Support for the collaboration IBS/Sanofi
New NMR tool for characterizing therapeutic antibodies in industry

2022-2025 Sanofi
Post-doctoral position F. Henot (Supervision J. Boisbouvier / C. Doyen / O. Frances)
Design of innovative tools for the NMR study of therapeutic antibodies at atomic resolution

2020-2023 Sanofi
CIFRE thesis of A. Giraud (Supervision J. Boisbouvier / E. Crublet / O. Frances)
Development of innovative isotope labeling approaches for NMR characterization of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) produced in CHO cells (CIFRE)

2018-2021 UGA/IDEX Innovation Grant
Support for the collaboration IBS/NMR-Bio/Merck
Development of Innovative NMR tools based on methyl specific labeling allowing an efficient screening of drugs - Coordinator

2017-2021 Merck KGaA
Structure and Dynamics studies of human HSP90 drug target

2017 Patent :
“Cell-free synthesis of isotopic labelled proteins from amino-acids precursors“. WO2018157942A. Boisbouvier J., Crublet E., Gans P., Imbert L. ; Kerfah R.

2016-2020 NMR-Bio
J. Boisbouvier : Founding member, Scientific Advisor and Collaborator.
Development of new CH3-NMR methods for the study of large proteins

2016 Patent :
"Méthode de préparation de milieux de culture riches pour le marquage d’acides aminés incorporés dans des protéines." French Patent FR 1657906. Awad R, Boisbouvier J., Gans P, Hamelin O, Kerfah R.

2015-2016 Servier
In vitro production of protein for NMR studies

2014-2015 ERC Proof of Concept
Grant supporting the creation of NMR-Bio spin’off
Commercialization and Dissemination of Innovative Isotopic Labelling Solutions and Services for the NMR Studies of Important Protein TargetsCoordinator

2012-2014 CEA
Support scale-up of patented technologies
Support to Industrial Partnerships

2012 Patent
“Labeled Chiral alpha-hydroxy ketoacid derivatives, a process for preparing derivatives and their use." EU Patent #12305984.2. Boisbouvier J., Gans P, Kerfah R, Pessey O, Plevin M.

2011-2012 CNRS
Support to finalize patent
Support to Industrial Technological Transfer

2010 Patent
“Process for the Specific Isotopic Labeling of Methyl Groups of Val, Leu and Ile." WO 2011/083356. Ayala I, Boisbouvier J, Gans P, Hamelin O..